21 09, 2016

Vat Categories and Rules – a guide

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Some Basic Rules

A Reduced Rate of Vat applies to purchases of electricity, gas, heating oil, solid fuels and sanitary products.

A transaction is ‘Outside the Scope’ of Vat when it is not a supply of goods or services, eg wages, drawings, loan repayments, […]

13 04, 2015

Thoughts On Marketing for Guesthouse Owners

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Of course, in reality, you would never practise any of these excellent recommendations… would you?

1       Don’t ask
If you’re British, exercise that famous reserve and don’t offer the tiniest hint that a guest might be welcome to return. Stay manifestly silent […]

1 04, 2013

Understanding Taxation Of Your Own Board and Lodge in a Hospitality Business

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Owners of hospitality businesses who live on site and share premises and services with paying guests need to work out a method of splitting shared business / private costs between them privately and their business. Such costs are for example […]

15 05, 2011

Marketing For Repeat Bookings for Holiday Cottage Owners

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Marketing For Repeat Bookings for Holiday Cottage Owners is the key to success, it is cheaper to retain customers and gain new ones. Of course you’ll always want new guests so a combination is ideal.

To begin with, create a plan! […]

1 09, 2009

Understanding Taxation Of Your Vehicle In A Non Incorporated Hospitality Business

2017-04-04T12:02:48+00:00 September 1st, 2009|Resources|

Owners of hospitality businesses, trading as a sole trader or partnership, who use their own vehicle for both business and pleasure have choices in the way in which business cost of the vehicle is allowed.

Broadly the vehicle may be placed […]

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