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Are you a ‘Jack of all trades’ but only master of front of house?

Your business employs a number of staff, turnover tops £1m, your specialism is operating delivery, but the business can only afford a bookkeeper. You are commercially on your own and cannot afford a full time qualified finance professional.

You are missing out on professional input on the whole aspect of financial control and interpretation of figures and smart administration. We can provide for this gap in a cost- effective manner.

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Either stand alone or as part of our accountancy service, Alan Knight can be flexibly contracted to shadow manage your finance and administration functions.

For example, in hotels. Aside from monitoring margins, spend per head, cash control and table or room occupancies, a key area for hotels is in management of future bookings. Room pricing twelve months out, for different rooms and at different times of the week.

Are you taking the opportunities of technology, linkage of EPOS to payroll and table bookings?

Then there is formal staff management – the all-important systems and procedures of contracts and discipline. The examples can be many and multi-faceted.

Meantime you concentrate on a quality of delivery, day to day guest service, staff motivation, and sometimes stepping back from the business to take a breath – in the knowledge that everything is under control and profitable.

Management accounts are one of our specialisms too

A specialism of Accounting & General is the production of regular (daily, weekly or monthly) reports on the performance of a business, to enable you to know how you are doing financially and where you may be, or could be going.

You may want to know what products are selling and what not, are your wages in line with turnover and are your cost of sales (food in a restaurant, and stock in a shop) at the percentage to turnover you would expect?

We can give you designs for the reports you need, or prepare the reports for you – either at your premises or from our office.

These will really enable you to make the most of your business. They are the key to avoiding the ‘busy fool’ syndrome.

Don’t let that be you!

We would like to offer you a Free Report Check, with no obligation.

We will visit your business to review your existing management accounting and reporting and advise whether we believe it could be improved.

Initial consultations are FREE and without obligation

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