Accommodation Providers! The Pink Book is Back

In the information age, it can seem that finding answers to the questions we have has become a profession in itself. The advent of online forums has allowed us to quickly find someone asking the same questions, but the answers cannot always be trusted as reliable. It is lucky then, that those in the tourist accommodation sector have an ace up their sleeve when it comes to finding answers about the legislation that effects their business.

The Tenth Edition of the Pink Book has been released by VisitEngland. It is essential reading for guesthouses and hotels that cater to the tourism market. The topics covered range from food hygiene and safety through to obtaining entertainment and alcohol licences. A few recent additions include:

  • Use of CCTV on Business Premises
  • Package Travel Regulations
  • General Date Protection Regulation

The hard copy of the book is available for £9.99 and can be ordered at

If you can’t wait that long to have a read, there is also an online copy is available at




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